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Silver ridge resort is the first Resort to come up in Gorrumara .Its spread over a large area & the landscape has been tastefully done .There is a lake in the center of the resort and bamboo constructed bridge over the lake is the another beautiful attraction of this Resort .

The Resort surrounded with various tree , name as Sal ,Kadam, Arjun ,Teak , Malaigiri ,Sisso ,Champak , Graps , Casew nut , Litchi ,Guava and many other trees and plants, which make it greenery .

Good number of books help you to know about the people and his arts & culture of this region .You can also enjoy the folk song and dance of various comunity of this place . You may visit.

  • Sight Seen
    Samsing,Sontolakhola,Rocky-Island & Charming beauty -Mou-chuki.
    Samchi ( Bhutan ).
    Lava-Lolagaon & Ryshop . Paparkheti .
    Teesta Barrage.
    Sakham -Hydel Project.


  • Historical Tour
    Jalpeshwar Temple.
    Pet-kati Kali Temple.
    Debi Chaudhurani-Kali Temple.
    Jatileshwar Temple.

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